No peeking!

From left: Kevin, Edy, and Debbie have donned their blindfolds before playing a round of 'Build a Sentence'.

Here we have some photos of last weekend’s P2 English class. To increase their retention of new vocabulary that’s introduced in the reader, after practicing saying the words aloud and discussing their meanings, we played a game. The students were asked to don blindfolds and then we scrambled the magnetic cards bearing the vocabulary words on the whiteboard at the front of the centre. When we gave the signal, each student, still blindfolded, chose a word from the board. Pictured (from left): Kevin, Edy, and Debbie.

The students have chosen their words - Debbie's gotten 'happen'.

Above, the students have just chosen their words in one round of the game. Debbie’s holding happen. Below, in another round of the game, you can see Kevin, Edy, and Debbie diligently composing their sentences.

In another round of the game, Kevin, Edy, and Debbie are composing their sentences.

The reader that we’re currently using is based on the upcoming animated feature film Open Season (watch the trailer):

The reader that we're using at the moment is based on the upcoming animated feature film 'Open Season'.