October 17, 2007

Quiz Time! (class features series)

At Accella, every class begins with a brief quiz that covers the grammar and vocabulary introduced in the previous lesson. Here's a snapshot Sunday
October 9, 2007

Grammar (class features series)

Above: BryanF and CharlotteY sorting countable and uncountable nouns during a hands-on grammar activity in one of our P2 classes. Grammar tends
June 6, 2007

Debbie’s scored a hat-trick!

Debbie's won the highest score for three lessons in a row. In American sports parlance, when you succeed at anything on three consecutive attempts,
April 8, 2007

Welcome Matthew !!!

Matthew joined us in March but is so full of energy that this is the first clear photo of him that we've been able to take. He always completes his
February 28, 2007

Welcome Daisy!~

Here's Daisy, an enthusiastic new addition to our P2 class, writing sentences using the simple past tense, along with Debbie, Edy, and Kevin.