August 11, 2007

Who let the monsters out?

Above, you can see three students from our Summer Fun class showing off the masks that they had made for an activity in support of a procedural writing
August 4, 2007

To the whiteboard!

Above, you can see the students of one of our P3-P4 summer classes standing proudly in front of their reading comprehension answers. Naturally,
June 6, 2007

Debbie’s scored a hat-trick!

Debbie's won the highest score for three lessons in a row. In American sports parlance, when you succeed at anything on three consecutive attempts,
February 28, 2007

Welcome Daisy!~

Here's Daisy, an enthusiastic new addition to our P2 class, writing sentences using the simple past tense, along with Debbie, Edy, and Kevin.
February 27, 2007

What do you want?

Here's Debbie using the simple present tense to explain what she likes, what she hates, what she knows, what she understands, and what she wants.
January 17, 2007

No peeking!

Here we have some photos of last weekend's P2 English class. To increase their retention of new vocabulary that's introduced in the reader, after