I came by MTR. And you?

Four students from our XMas 2006 English Crafts program proudly displaying their creations.

On the second day of our 3-day Christmas 2006 English Crafts program, we learned about modes of transportation, beginning with a discussion of the different forms transportation can take and some practice exchanges to help them describe how they had traveled to our centre. We then proceeded to engage them in a matching game using pictures of different sorts of vehicles and conveyances (trains, helicopters, ferries, taxis, buses, minibuses, trams, cable cars, and the like) and continued on with a song and a board game before launching into the crafts session.

For the crafts portion of the class, the children were given a choice of building pig, bear, cat, and rabbit-themed cars. Surprise, surprise – they all chose to make rabbitmobiles!

Here they are hard at work:

The children are completely focused on constructing their rabbitmobiles