Laserhand. Laserhand. Does the cool stuff a laser can!

LukeC is hot-gluing a piece of hookup wire onto his gadget glove.

Hello there! Here inside our workshop deep within Accella’s secret lair, we’re about to launch into further preparations for this week’s hands-on learning activity based on Nick and Tesla’s Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove, but we wanted to take a moment to share our enthusiasm for this book series with you. Here are some snapshots taken during one of our previous Nick-and-Tesla-inspired in-class making sessions.

The photo that kicks off this post shows LukeC wielding a Bosch hot-glue pen at his desk, attaching some solid-core 24-AWG tinned copper wire to the humble article of American-style workwear which he’s already begun transforming into his very own super-cyborg gadget glove!

AnnaT stripping the PVC insulation from a piece of wire that will be incorporated into her gadget glove.

In the image above, Anna is deftly using one type of automatic wire stripper to expose a length of tinned copper that a short while later, when brought into contact with another exposed bit of copper wire, allowed electricity from a CR2032 battery to flow through a 10mm white-light LED mounted on the tip of her gadget glove’s index finger.

The Nick and Tesla stories star an indomitable and highly resourceful duo, eleven-year-old twins who happen to be the latest generation in a family with a proud tradition of naming its children after famous scientists. They solve mysteries and foil baddies’ schemes using their wits and gadgets which they cobble together on the spot and at short notice from readily-available odds and ends.

The first step-by-step activity in this particular Nick and Tesla volume guides readers through the process of equipping a simple work glove with a LED signal light. Here’s Anna testing hers:

AnnaT testing the signaling LED feature of her gadget glove.

Here’s a closeup of Charlotte’s gadget glove in action:

CharlotteB using a different kind of automatic wire stripper to remove the insulating sheath from a length of wire destined for her own glove.

This week, our students will be equipping their gadget gloves with piezo buzzer alarms and, depending on how quickly we’re able to work, sound-recording modules and secret-message-revealing UV LEDs!