Can you control your teeth? Even in the presence of a strawberry Dip Dab?

CherylK sampling the forbidden delights of a strawberry Dip Dab!

Above, you can see one of our youngest and newest students, Cheryl savoring her first encounter with a strawberry Dip Dab.

Guess which book we're currently reading with some of our younger students?

Guess which laugh-out-loud funny book we’re currently reading with some of our younger students?

We’ll give you three hints:

  • The beguiling candy referred to in the story as a “dib-dab” corresponds to a real-world British sweet, the Dip Dab.
  • When we meet the protagonist, she is battling a microscopic foe whom she’s dubbed Germius Pavementius.
  • Nobody dies or is permanently injured, though a pet snake nearly meets a grisly end!

It’s a perennial favorite, perhaps surprisingly given the centrality of some kind-of-serious themes (the importance of self-control, moderation, and personal responsibility) to the story’s plot.