Anthropomorphic aardvark pasta!

Scan of the cover of Marc Brown's book 'D.W. the Big Boss'.

In our Introductory English Fun class, we’ve just begun reading Canadian children’s book author and illustrator Marc Brown’s D.W. the Big Boss, a slim volume in his Arthur series (which features Arthur Read, the son and eldest child in a family of anthropomorphic aardvarks residing in Elwood City, which may or may not be an idealized, more child-friendly version of Boston, Massachusetts):

At the beginning of last Sunday’s class we announced that the student who accumulated the most points during that lesson would, in addition to the customary ribbon, receive a special prize – a box of organic Arthur-themed mac ‘n’ cheese.

TiffanyC holding her winner's ribbon and box of mac 'n' cheese.

We were pleased to be able to award said carton of comfort food to TiffanyC! Good work Tiffany!