Coraline film adaptation to open in US theaters soon!

Screen capture from a Coraline featurette available on YouTube.  Pictured: Coraline Jones.

In less than a month, the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, starring Dakota Fanning as the voice of Coraline Jones, will open in American cinemas. Here’s hoping that it arrives in Hong Kong soon afterwards!

When we read and discussed the book in our P5-P6 class this past summer, it was very well-received and, though at least one extra character has been added, the film plot does not appear to represent a complete departure from Gaiman’s original work. In other words, the movie version seems unlikely to disappoint.

The image at the top of this post is a screen capture (featuring Coraline Jones) from a The Biggest Smallest Movie, a Coraline film featurette that highlights some of the extraordinary lengths that the team behind the production went to (e.g. five miles of gold thread being turned into a 5-inch wig) in order to complete this stop-motion masterpiece. A web site associated with the US-based cable television network The SCI FI Channel has aggregated a number of Coraline making-of/behind-the-scenes short films available on Youtube. You can watch TBSM and several others there: Watch Coraline Featurettes!.