July 10, 2008

Gearing up for summer!

This past weekend, we held the final classes of our 2007-2008 term and marked the occasion with low-key celebrations in each class. We'll be seeing
December 13, 2007

Show and Tell

In our never-ending quest to give our students more opportunities to speak at length, we've begun inviting them to bring items to class that they'd like
October 9, 2007

Balloon time! (class features series)

Above: DaisyL reading her copy of The Movie Star Mystery (a children's reader based on the Nancy Drew feature film that hit US theatres this past June)
August 4, 2007

Invasion of the balloonheads

Writing one's dictation on an air-filled balloon can be a lot more fun and engaging than scratching it out onto a piece of lined paper. Here, Daisy
February 28, 2007

Welcome Daisy!~

Here's Daisy, an enthusiastic new addition to our P2 class, writing sentences using the simple past tense, along with Debbie, Edy, and Kevin.