September 5, 2007

Summer ends, Autumn begins

Our summer classes concluded on August twenty-fourth and we've already begun our fall term (note to parents: we're still accepting P1 students and we have
August 11, 2007

Care for a bite of my face biscuit?

Here, you can see all of the students in one of our Summer Fun classes posing with their face biscuits. As a warmup for a procedural writing exercise,
August 11, 2007

Who let the monsters out?

Above, you can see three students from our Summer Fun class showing off the masks that they had made for an activity in support of a procedural writing
August 4, 2007

To the whiteboard!

Above, you can see the students of one of our P3-P4 summer classes standing proudly in front of their reading comprehension answers. Naturally,
August 4, 2007

Invasion of the balloonheads

Writing one's dictation on an air-filled balloon can be a lot more fun and engaging than scratching it out onto a piece of lined paper. Here, Daisy
August 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin turned six last week and we celebrated during our five-minute class break with a box full of Mrs. Fields muffins. Kevin's muffin, of course,