May 26, 2008

Who? Where? How? How Many? Why?

Above, you can see BrianN briefly pausing during a boardgame-style activity (from the class held on the Sunday before last) where the roll of a die
October 17, 2007

Quiz Time! (class features series)

At Accella, every class begins with a brief quiz that covers the grammar and vocabulary introduced in the previous lesson. Here's a snapshot Sunday
October 9, 2007

Grammar (class features series)

Above: BryanF and CharlotteY sorting countable and uncountable nouns during a hands-on grammar activity in one of our P2 classes. Grammar tends
June 6, 2007

Interviewers and interviewees

The ability to read and write English is crucial, but being able to speak and understand spoken English is just as important. Oral activities at Accella
April 15, 2007

Who wants to make the first move?

Well-designed activities can play an important part in consolidating newly-taught concepts. Here, Chloe, Dylan, and Justin are playing a game where
April 15, 2007

Welcome Justin!

Justin is possibly the most upbeat young man we've ever met. Even better - despite being a new student, he's not shy at all about speaking up in English.
February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Here's Chloe about to blow out the candle on her birthday brownie (baked at home by yours truly the previous night)! We celebrated with her earlier