Happy Holidays! 2020, Here we come!

We hope that you and your loved ones are having a very merry Christmas! Here are a few snapshots featuring some of the winners of our traditional holiday lucky draws. First up is Connor, shown above, who snagged a slime factory” DIY slime-making kit!

Moments after this snapshot was taken on Saturday, Jaffe shucked off that striped wrapping paper and revealed her Christmas gift.

Jaffe peeled away the striped wrapping paper on her STEM-themed gift mere seconds after that photo was taken!

Gabriel, who has developed an interest in electronics in recent weeks, scored a kit that makes it possible to interface Snap Circuits electronics building blocks with a certain ubiquitous type of brick-like toy construction blocks!

Olivia was doubly lucky. In addition to clinching the lucky draw gift, she earned enough points by the end of class to complete her rewards card and select a book to take home!

See you next year!