The first law of kipple is that kipple drives out nonkipple! Reading PKD‘s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Jonathan H.'s LED, as you can see, was nonkipple.

Every book lover has their favorite novels and authors and here at Accella we’re huge fans of the late, great Philip K. Dick. Our Advanced I classes are currently digesting one of his masterworks, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.

Last week, their quiz featured a hands-on exercise. Each student was provided with a bag (a numbered “object assortment”) containing four everyday items. They were tasked with examining and, if practicable, testing them all to determine whether or not each of them could be considered kippleized. If they rated something as a piece of kipple, they had to explain their reasoning.

One of the objects in each assortment was a blue-light LED. Included with the LED was a 3-Volt battery (perforce guaranteed nonkipple) and, before administering this portion of the quiz, we demonstrated the proper method for activating a two-legged LED using a coin cell: place the longer leg in contact with the positive terminal and press the shorter leg against the negative terminal. Those who’d been furnished with a kippleized LED for the quiz were subsequently awarded a nonkipple LED. Everyone got to keep their battery and LED.

If you haven’t yet clicked through the link a bit further up in this post and read a definition of the term kipple, here’s a hint: Jonathan H.’s LED, shown blazing in all its button-cell-powered glory above, is nonkipple.