Gearing up for our new students! Beautiful binders!

We've just taken delivery of a load of fresh new Five Star three-ring binders!

At Accella, we conduct admissions on a rolling basis, accepting applications and placing eligible students into classes in which we believe they’ll thrive year-round. It’s during the annual transition from summer school holidays to the fall term of the academic year, though, that the time spent fielding calls from prospective students’ parents and the work of processing application packets tends to reach its peak.

It’s always a joy to equip a young person with the first novel that they’ll be reading with us and their classmates, the grammar book that they’ll be using, and their first rewards card. Each new student also selects their new three-ring binder, in which they’ll be storing their marked coursework and quizzes and transporting their course materials to and from lessons, from a range of colorways available in our office. We’ve been pleased to welcome so many new students in recent weeks, however, that our stock of rugged, colorful, three-ring, zip-closure binders was running perilously low.

Fortunately, we’ve just taken delivery of a humongous carton of new Five Star binders!