Welcome aboard, Wilfred! We love bringing new students up to speed!

Wilfred K. editing his answer to the third question from this week's reading comprehension homework.

Wilfred, we are quite pleased to report, is really getting a kick out of the story which he and our other Introductory 1 students are currently reading: virtuoso children’s author-illustrator Abby Hanlon‘s Dory Fantasmagory!

We read a large enough chunk of the story together in Wilfred’s class, with pauses to field some of his questions as well as pose a few of our own, that we were able to challenge him to tackle the third of the five questions on this week’s reading comprehension homework paper in class. In the photo above, Wilfred is glancing up from his worksheet to look at the suggestions we’ve made for improving his rough-draft answer (shown in the inset image). A moment later, he’d finished editing his work, we’d marked it, and it was back in his binder!