Highly visible English errors around town #1: IFC Starbucks

There are plenty of problems with the text on the pseudo-billboard visible in the photo above, snapped on Wednesday, July 31st at the Starbucks location inside the IFC Mall in Central. The misuse of capital letters and the complete absence of punctuation (a colon mid-sentence and a period or exclamation point at the end) would have been sufficient to elicit a sad sigh, but there’s an egregious grammar mistake that practically brings tears to our eyes whenever we gaze upon that image or, worse, patronize that Starbucks.

You’ve almost certainly spotted it by now but, if you haven’t, here it is: its should have been it’s (“it is”). Select or highlight the text inside the gray area above to the left to see the answer!

With the title of this new section of our site, we’re paying homage to the New Yorker’s “Goings on About Town” department.