Good job! You earned those books and DVDs!

On August 18th alone, our students selected nine books and two DVDs from our book and DVD boxes to keep forever.

Accella is different from other learning centers in many ways. Foremost among those differences is the fact that all of of our students receive original materials (grammar and writing teaching materials as well as the books that we read together as part of our reading comprehension program) which they will keep after we’ve finished using them in class.

In addition, each student receives has a card bearing their name which is stamped. No matter what, every student’s card gets stamped at least once during a given lesson and usually more than once. A perfect quiz score, which isn’t easy to achieve, is rewarded with three stamps. The student who amasses the highest overall score, based on quiz and homework scores as well as class participation, by the end of a lesson can earn another three stamps. They’ll also receive a ribbon. Several ribbons and another full stamp card grant a student the right to select a DVD.

Our students read those books and watch those films and it contributes immeasurably to their English language learning progress. Only so much can be done inside and in association with a classroom environment. Fostering unstructured reading and viewing of English-language content for pleasure is immensely important.

The animated image at top shows all of the books and DVDs selected from our book and DVD boxes by our students on a single day, August 18th, to keep forever.

Keep up the great work!