Pop-Tarts party (Reading Ingrid Law’s Savvy)

LeahC balancing a commercial-sized box of strawberry-flavored Pop-Tarts on her head.

We’ve just finished reading Ingrid Law‘s funny, bittersweet YA novel Savvy with a group of our summer term students. The story features a family in which each member has a quirky, difficult-to-master superpower (always referred to in the book as a savvy), which usually manifested itself on their thirteenth birthday.

The viewpoint character is a young girl named Mississippi who prefers to be known as Mibs. She turns thirteen near the beginning of the story, very shortly after her father (a savvy-less normal who married into the superpowered clan) is seriously injured in a traffic pileup and left in a coma in a distant hospital. Mibs, hopeful that her savvy can help her to save her father’s life, stows away on a pink school bus driven by a Bible delivery man and embarks on a journey to the hospital with two of her siblings and the local preacher’s kids in tow.

Left to right: paperback copy of savvy, toaster loaded with two strawberry Pop-Tarts, box of strawberry Pop-Tarts.

At one point, an adult normal who has joined Mibs and the others on their trip buys Pop-Tarts (Pop-Tarts on Wikipedia), potato chips, and candy bars for everyone to eat. Naturally that prompted our students to ask what Pop-Tarts were and we tracked some down for them to try.

HermesW trying her first Pop-Tart.

The consensus was that they were pretty darned tasty.