Wait! Egg salad sandwiches are one of our favorite comfort foods!

Everyone holding up their egg salad sandwiches after having taken a bite.

Above: everyone holding up their egg salad sandwiches after having taken a bite.

Anthony Horowitz’s Granny includes a scene where a young boy named Joe, the book’s protagonist, is invited to his grandmother’s apartment for tea. His grandmother, the villain of the book, attempts to force him to dine on an assortment of extremely unappetizing dishes. She serves up herring (on a plate), dried-out cakes and tasteless cookies, a bowl of cream cheese, and … egg salad sandwiches.

Properly prepared, of course, egg salad is a delicious sandwich filling!

In order to prevent Joe’s unpleasant experience with his grandmother’s overly salty and greenish-yolked egg salad sandwiches from unfairly prejudicing our students against egg salad for the rest of their lives, we resolved to incorporate an egg salad sandwich preparation exercise into the same lesson during which we’d be reading the relevant portion of the book.

Starting with hard-boiled eggs and pre-cooked bacon, the first step is to peel the eggs, as you can see WinnieC doing in the photo below:

WinnieC peeling one of her eggs.

After rinsing each of the peeled eggs or rolling them in a bowl of water in order to ensure that no small bits of shell are clinging to them (using brown-shelled eggs makes such fragments easier to spot), you’ve got to cut them up. Below, you can see SamanthaC and CandiceW using an egg slicer to carve up their peeled eggs:

SamanthaC slicing one of her eggs. CandiceW slicing one of her eggs.

With the eggs sliced, it’s time to add the bacon (an optional ingredient but a must for truly tasty sandwich):

HermesW's proto-egg-salad.

Next comes the mayonnaise or, as we used, Miracle Whip. Here’s HermesW adding Miracle Whip to what’s about to become a bowl of egg salad:

HermesW adding Miracle Whip to her proto-egg-salad.

Now, you’ve just got to stir it all together and spread some onto a slice of bread. Top with another slice of bread and chow down!

EunisC's taste buds are exploding!