Little Nicholas (Le Petit Nicolas)

CharlotteY reading her copy of 'Nicholas on Vacation'

Above, you can see CharlotteY reading her copy of Nicholas on Vacation, an amusing and delightfully subversive book that has managed to elicit loud laughter from our students on more than one occasion. Nicholas on Vacation is one of a series of books, originally written in French by author René Goscinny and illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempé and subsequently translated into English, that depicts life in 1950s France from the perspective of a young French boy. Globally, the series is one of France’s best-known media properties.

Here’s the exciting part of this post: the French Little Nicholas film, released in 2009, has finally made its way to Hong Kong! It will begin showing, with English and Chinese subtitles, on August 5th:

Printouts of 'Le Petit Nicolas' posters.

None of the trailers for the film, linked below, have subtitles — but if the film is anywhere near as visually gorgeous as these trailers, you won’t regret buying tickets to see Le Petit Nicolas!

Le Petit Nicolas – teaser

Le Petit Nicolas – teaser #2

Le Petit Nicolas – teaser École

Note: École is French for school.