Books, books, and more books!

JasmineL holding her new copy of 'A Gap in Nature'.

Books are best enjoyed as jumping-off points for exploring the wider world and we always look for opportunities to tie the books that we’re reading into world events, scientific developments, and other potentially interesting topics.

In our P4 classes, we recently stormed our way through an Avatar film tie-in chapter book. The story opens with a description of Earth as an environmental and ecological basket case with few surviving wild animal and plant species.

Given that start, a copy of the beautifully illustrated A Gap in Nature seemed an appropriate prize for JasmineL, who achieved the highest cumulative reading comprehension score in her class (an average of 94 percent) for the exercises pertaining to the Avatar book.

KevinM clasping his 'Ender Quartet' box set in a strong, vise-like grip.

Likewise, KevinM (seen here holding his Ender Quartet box set) excelled on his comprehension homework. Our P5 students were reading a series of vignettes featuring young persons whose ambition and drive led to great success in their later lives. One of the luminaries introduced in the book was Isaac Asimov so we opted for a set of books from a contemporary SF author whose works are very popular amongst young adults.

Last but not least, we have AngusL, whose comprehensive geographical knowledge won him this copy of Moon Landing (it’s opened to a spread featuring a spacesuited astronaut doing an EVA outside a Gemini spacecraft):

AngusL with his new copy of 'Moon Landing' opened to a spread featuring a space-suited astronaut doing an EVA outside a Gemini spacecraft.

At Accella, effort, persistence, and seemingly extraneous knowledge are always rewarded!