Wybie, short for Wyborn

MartinC displaying a newspaper feature on the film adaptation of Coraline, including the name of the Wybie character.

We’ve been encouraging many of our students to see the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s children’s fantasy novel, Coraline. For those students who had read the original story in class with us, we offered the incentive of extra stamps on their stamp cards if they could tell us the name of the young male character who is present in the film but absent from the book.

Watching the movie wasn’t the only way of learning the name of the stop-motion boy in question, of course. Some clever students ferreted out the information elsewhere. In the image above, MartinC is displaying a newspaper article on the film adaptation of Coraline that included the name of the character – Wybie, short for Wyborn.

Good job, Martin !!!

Here’s a clip from the film featuring Wybie: Meet Wybie (Coraline clip online at traileraddict.com).