If I were a carpenter … (second conditionals)

KittyH wrote: 'If Alvin were not a smart boy, he'd be lazy.'

In our Lower Intermediate II English Fun classes this past week, the grammar portion of each lesson concerned the second conditional (used when discussing “impossible” situations). Each student was tasked with writing a sentence about a classmate using a second conditional. In Saturday’s class, KittyO wrote about her AlvinA, “If Alvin were not a smart boy, he’d be lazy.” Truer words were never written!

Next, we asked students to write more second conditional sentences related to images drawn from a deck of human and animal pictures – this time about themselves. Here’s AlvinA’s:

Alvin's image-inspired second conditional (front). Alvin's image-inspired second conditional (reverse).

Finally, a shot of the class preparing to share the second conditionals that they’d written about their classmates. As you might guess from looking at the photo, KittyH is reading hers:

Everyone in Saturday's L.I. English Fun II lesson preparing to read their first round of second conditional sentences.