Twenty questions with your favorite cartoon characters

Masked (left to right): LTL, MordecaiL, and JustinC.  Mask-free (left to right): JeffreyL, KevinW, and WilsonW.

In our P1 classes for the past two days, we played a variant of Twenty Questions using cartoon character masks as a way of tackling the subject of short answers – replies to questions that typically begin “Do you [X]?”, “Can you [X]?”, “Are you [X]?”, “Have you got [X]?”, and so on.

In each round, one of the students would don a character mask and step out of view behind the whiteboard and his classmates would take turns asking him questions of the sort described above until someone felt confident enough to make a guess as to who he might be.

In the picture at the top of this post, you can see three young men wearing masks (left to right): LTL, MordecaiL, and JustinC and three more mask-free (left to right as well): JeffreyL, KevinW, and WilsonW.