What’s the difference between a shopping mall, a department store, a store, and a convenience store?

VivienT1996 completing her in-class grammar exercises.  The red-stamped sections are part of this week's homework.

Here’s Vivien T. completing the in-class portion of her in-class grammar exercises. The sections stamped in red are part of this week’s homework.

The P4 class writing task entailed writing a paragraph about one’s district, including local businesses and landmarks. Describing the distinguishing characteristics of shopping malls, department stores, stores/shops, and convenience stores was fun. Department stores in Hong Kong are a bit different from those in the United States and some other Western nations in that, in those countries, department stores are monolithic. In Hong Kong, on the other hand, businesses like Sogo and CitiStore are actually composed of numerous small shops gathered together under one roof.