Who is Charlotte – the pig or the spider?

We're currently using 'Charlotte's Web' for our P1 reading exercises

We’ve completed the set of sight words readers that we were using in our P1 classes this semester and are now working from one of a series of books adapted from the story of Charlotte’s Web that’s been released as a film tie-in for the 2006 movie starring Dakota Fanning (scheduled to appear in US theatres in mid-December).

Dakota Fanning will star in the 2006 live-action remake of 'Charlotte's Web''

While the 1973 animated film based on the original book by E. B. White focused primarily on the relationship between Wilbur (the pig) and Charlotte (the spider), the all-star cast of the new movie seems to indicate that the human characters will play much more significant roles.

The first question that we asked in class after introducing the new reader, but before we’d begun reading, was “Who do you think ‘Charlotte’ is?”. The book cover (shown at top) features both the pig and the spider. Naturally, despite the title being “Charlotte’s Web” and the fact that webs are usually associated with spiders, everyone guessed that Charlotte was the pig.

Here’s Chloe P. completing the reading comprehension worksheet covering the first 6 pages of the story:

Chloe P. completing a worksheet related to 'Charlotte's Web'