“Happy Feet” set to open in Hong Kong theatres on December 21st

'Happy Feet' poster

“Happy Feet” won’t be showing in HK theatres until late December but, in our P4 class, we’re currently using the Ladybird book based on the story of the film for our reading comprehension exercises.

Part of the synopsis:

In the great nation of Emperor Penguins, deep in Antarctica, you’re nobody unless you can sing–which is unfortunate for Mumble, who is the worst singer in the world. He is born dancing to his own tune–tap dancing. Though Mumble’s mom, Norma Jean, thinks this little habit is cute, his dad, Memphis, says it “just ain’t penguin.” Besides, they both know that, without a Heartsong, Mumble may never find true love.

Some notable Hong Kong entertainers will be providing the voices for the localized version of the film. If you catch the Cantonese-language release, you’ll get to hear Justin as “Mumble” and Stephy as “Gloria”, the two love-struck penguins.

Sound interesting?